This depends which Celebrity Judge Audition you are assigned. For Season 15, our Judges Auditions will only take place in the greater Los Angeles area. We will schedule you to audition on a certain day based on your availability, not preference. You will provide your availability in the Supplemental Information Form.

Auditions will take place throughout the month of March. You will be able to list your conflicts on the Supplemental Information Form that you will fill out after reading this FAQ. It is best if you can be available for ALL days.

Some of the dates are set for interview/travel days and not actual performance days. You will only perform on ONE performance day, which we will assign to you.

Interviews are a crucial part of your participation on the show. If you are traveling more than 150 miles away from Los Angeles, you may be asked to travel the day before your performance, and travel out the day after. If you are local (under 150 miles from Los Angeles), you may be asked to come in on interview dates so please keep this in mind when looking at conflicts of dates.

We are very interested in you for our Celebrity Judge Audition. Our Producers will stay in touch with you throughout the process and make sure that, as soon as a final decision is made, you are notified. Please be patient as we continue to make our decisions.
Contestants who live 150 to 300 miles away from the theater, as determined by us, will be reimbursed $0.20 a mile for driving or will be provided a bus or train ticket. We will need to see sufficient supporting evidence of such costs being incurred before we reimburse. You will also be provided a hotel room the night before and the night of your audition. Contestants who live further than 300 miles, as determined by us, will be flown to the audition city. You will be provided a hotel room the night before and the night of your audition. The Travel Department will be in touch with you via email. Please make sure that you are checking your SPAM folder for any updates and emails. PLEASE NOTE: Unless you are a minor or have minors in your group, NO friends, family, managers, coaches, etc. will be provided travel. If you want someone to stay in your hotel room that is fine, but none of their travel arrangements will be made by the show. No one, except members of the group, will be allowed to use AGT transportation. This includes, but is not limited to, shuttles to and from the theater on interview and tape days. LOCAL CONTESTANTS: Contestants who live within 150 miles of the theater as determined by us, are considered LOCAL, which means that we will NOT provide any travel arrangements or hotel accommodations for you for this round of the auditions. Once you are assigned a performance date and session time, our Contestant Coordinator will be in touch with you about what time you need to arrive at the theater.
We have very strict rules if there are performers under 18 in your act.

ALL Minors MUST have ONE parent or legal guardian present. If the parent or legal guardian cannot attend the audition, the minor must have a Guardianship and Medical Authorization for Minors Form filled out and notarized prior to the audition. If the minor does not have the notarized form completed and submitted, they will not be able to audition. You can download the Guardianship Form here.

FAMILIES: If the show is traveling a minor in for the Celebrity Judge Round (based on the above criteria) then we will also travel one (1) parent or legal guardian for each minor, unless the minors are siblings, in which case we will only travel one (1) parent or legal guardian for every four (4) minors.

GROUPS: If you are traveling with a group that has minors in it, each minor still must have one (1) parent or legal guardian present. However, if certain parents cannot attend and another parent and/or coach is willing to take over guardianship for the minor(s), there is a one (1) adult per four (4) minors ratio rule.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a coach that would like to attend, they must do so at their own expense, unless of course that person is acting as a legal guardian to a minor and all of the proper paperwork has been completed and notarized.

Possibly, however you cannot add any members or switch out any members of your group without having approval from your Producer first.
Your Producer will be in touch with you to arrange when and where you should drop off your props for your Celebrity Judge Round. If you are local, please do not show up early on the day of your audition to drop off any props without notifying your Producer. We have limited space backstage and want to make sure everyone has room. If you need to ship props, you must provide your Producer with all dimensions and weights that you will be shipping as well as what is in each package or crate. We will then coordinate the shipping with you.
If you are performing or using music in your performance, the first step is to submit your music choices for clearance on our Supplemental Information Form (the link mentioned above). Because we are a television show, all of the music/songs we use must be approved ahead of time through our Music Department and cleared to use on TV. We will take care of that process for you, bearing in mind that just because you request a song, that does not mean you will get to use it. You must supply us with back up choices, in case a song does not clear.

Do not put anything on your list that you would not be happy to use in your performance. Please make sure you list the name of the song, as well as, the artist, as sometimes there may be more than one version of the song. Once your music list is submitted, your Producer will contact you with more details.

Once you have a song approved your Producer, and our Music Coordinator will be in touch to go over the edit of your song and you will be sent a copy of your music track via email. If you are performing the song yourself (like on a piano or guitar with no backing track) you should go over the 90 second edit you are going to do with your producer.

PLEASE NOTE: Acts will never use their own music tracks for performances; you are only allowed to use the specific music track that WE provide for you.

Unless told otherwise, you need to arrive to your Celebrity Judge audition “camera ready.” That means in the costume that you wore to your open call audition (if applicable), with your full hair and make-up done. Also bring all props that you will need to perform. During the time before your performance, you will have some time to rehearse in the holding room, but there is a lot of down time as well. Feel free to bring a book, magazine, or electronic device to keep you company while you wait. However, we are NOT responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property that you choose to bring to your audition.

NO LOGOS: Because you are being filmed with the intent to air on television, we need to make sure we know AHEAD OF TIME if you are planning on wearing any logos on camera. Logos include any name, design, verbiage, etc that you DO NOT own. Even a small logo on your prop could be an issue. Please send pictures of your wardrobe and props to your producer for final approval before you come to your audition. Please note: You are NOT allowed to wear (on your wardrobe or props etc) any websites, or social media Handles, Hashtags etc. that have your name or any other organization on it. This is against the rules. If you have any questions about logos, designs, etc. Please ask the producer assigned to you.

MEALS: Feel free to bring snacks if you would like, but we will provide a meal for you, as well as, water and soda. If you have specific allergies to food, or preferences of meals, you should plan accordingly and bring your own food. Most often we provide box lunches. PLEASE NOTE: Any and ALL food provided is only for contestants and the parent or guardian of minors.

PER DIEM: Per Diem is ONLY provided to acts and parents and legal guardians that we are traveling in and providing hotel accommodations. We will give you $25 for each night that we book you in a hotel. This money is provided for additional meals or expenses outside of the audition at the theater. You will be given your per diem when you check in at the theatre the day of your audition.

Contestants are not compensated for their participation on AGT.

Unless otherwise specified, or unless you are/or have minors in your act, NO friends or family will be allowed in the holding room. Friends and family may attend the audition as part of the general audience. Each ACT (not each member of the act) will get ten tickets total for friends and family. A member of our staff will contact you requesting the legal names of everyone attending and their relationship to you. Please have this list ready to go as early as a week before your performance day. Unfortunately, we do not allow anyone under the age of 14 in our audience without producer approval. If you need additional tickets you may visit our website's ticket page. Keep in mind that tickets may not be available until a few weeks prior to your judges' audition.
In past seasons we have had our “Judge Cut” round. The details and exact dates for this round are still to be confirmed. However, more than likely, you will need to be available the Mid- April and the beginning of May. The Live Shows start at the beginning of August in Los Angeles and go through late-September. If you make it through the initial Celebrity Judge Round, there will be a meeting after your performance to further discuss future dates that you need to be available.
You are not allowed to talk about potentially being selected for the show. This includes, talking to or providing photos, clips or quotes to any media or press outlet (including traditional newspapers, radio, magazine or television or online publications). This restriction applies even if the media approaches you. You are also not allowed to discuss potentially being selected for or participating in the show with the general public. In addition, you may NOT post anything on your social networking sites (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) email, or otherwise disclose anything about your potential selection and/or participation on the show, regardless of the medium (i.e., whether in person, via online posts, etc.). We take breaches of confidentiality very seriously, and a confidentiality breach could lead to elimination or disqualification from America’s Got Talent.

We realize this letter will not answer all of your questions. But we are here to help and support you as best we can within the guidelines of the competition. Please feel free to contact your Producer with any additional questions or concerns.