Video Auditions FAQ

If you have submitted on video on our site, you do not have to audition in person. However, you can still attend an in-person audition if their schedule allows. It can be helpful for the Producers to meet you in person. If you are planning on attending an open audition, feel free to also send us a video. That way, the Producers can become familiar with your act before we see you.
Due to the large volume of submissions, we are unable to acknowledge receipt of individual videos that were submitted to the show. Every video received is reviewed, but ONLY if you have been selected to participate in the show will a Producer call you to schedule your appearance for the next round of the competition. This usually happens by the Spring of 2019.
The Producers enjoy meeting the acts in person. It is sometimes hard to evaluate a performer's personality and stage presence on video. It is also a chance for Producers to talk with the acts and ask questions. However we do find many acts from the video submission process -- so if you cannot attend one of our open calls, we do urge you to send in a video of your audition.
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