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Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

655 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001

Updated 5.28.2019

We are excited to be coming back to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City! 

Doors will open at 8am and remain open until 7pm!  Come down anytime throughout the day. Register HERE to select an arrival time. This is not a set audition time, but will help us look ahead and plan the day!

This page will have the most up-to-date details on the audition day, so please check back often.

If you cannot make it to see us in New York, you can come see us in another city or submit a video of your act. Online Auditions remain open until March 2020!  

There is plenty of off-site parking around the Javits Center. For a full comprehensive list of where to park, click here and select "parking". 
Trains/Subway: The following train stops at 34th Street/Hudson Yards:
  • 11th Avenue Subway: To 7 Line Route and Schedule
The following trains stop at 34th Street/Penn Station: The following trains stop at 42nd Street/Times Square (Broadway):
  • 8th Avenue: To A Line Route and Schedule To C Line Route and Schedule To E Line Route and Schedule
  • 7th Avenue: To 1 Line Route and Schedule To 2 Line Route and Schedule To 3 Line Route and Schedule To N Line Route and Schedule To Q Line Route and Schedule To R Line Route and Schedule To 7 Line Route and Schedule To S Line Route and Schedule
  • 6th Avenue: To B Line Route and Schedule To D Line Route and Schedule To F Line Route and Schedule To M Line Route and Schedule Note - To B Line Route and Schedule does not run on weekends.
The following trains stop at Grand Central Station at 42nd Street at Lexington
  • Lexington Avenue Subway:  To 4 Line Route and Schedule To 5 Line Route and Schedule To 6 Line Route and Schedule To 7 Line Route and Schedule To S Line Route and Schedule
  • Metro North Railroad
For further information, call MTA Travel info: 718.330.1234 or visit their website.


M12 bus: Runs along 11th Avenue from Columbus Circle to the West Village. Stops on 11th Avenue between 33rd and 34th Street.

M34 cross town bus: Runs east/west on 34th Street. Stops on 11th Avenue outside the Javits Center and at Penn Station. The M34 bus requires passengers to use pre-boarding fare collection machines before boarding the bus. These machines are designed to speed up the loading process. Pay your fare at a fare collection machine at the Select Bus Service bus stop. There are two types of fare collection machines that accept fares and issue receipts.

You must pay with a Metrocard at the MetroCard Fare Collector or pay with $2.75 in coins at Coin Fare Collector. You MUST pay at one of these machines and get a proof-of-payment receipt before boarding the bus. Keep your receipt for the duration of your trip.

M42 cross town bus: Runs east/west on 42nd street. Public transportation by city bus or subway costs $2.75. The subways accept MetroCards. Buses accept MetroCards and exact change fares (no bills). With MetroCards you can transfer from subway to bus and bus to subway for one fare within a two hour period. MetroCards are available at the nearby stores, subway stations and the Hudson newsstands located in the Javits Center. Visit for downloadable maps of NYC subway and bus routes.

Port Authority: New Jersey Transit and other buses arrive at the Port Authority terminal at 42nd Street between 8th and 9th Avenues.

Ferry Service:

The NY Waterway operates a ferry from Weehawken, NJ. In just 8 minutes the ferry takes you across the Hudson River to 39th Street and 12th Avenue, just one block from the Javits Center. Just park at the convenient lot adjacent to the ferry terminal in Weehawken and take a ferry which leaves every 10 - 15 minutes during peak hours.

Call 1-800-53-FERRY for schedule and information or visit