Audition Tips and Advice

Make sure you plan an act that would work on a stage in a theater filled with 1,000 people or more. If you have any acts that are not able to be performed in the audition room, please bring in or submit ahead of time, your YouTube link of the 90-second performance you'd want to do on the show. It’s always a good idea to have ideas of what you would perform for future rounds of the show if you are chosen to perform for the celebrity judges. Sometimes the Producers will ask you what you have in store for the future and it's better to be prepared.
It is best if you perform to one or two songs for your audition rather than a mix or medley of songs which can be hard to clear for television. Make sure your choreography is tight and you bring lots of energy. Incorporating tricks and new, unique choreography is always a great way to stand out to the producers and judges. A good way to show your personality and unique style is through your wardrobe/costume. If you are a big group it's always a good idea to dress in your team uniform or another fun costume.

Please bring your music on a smartphone/tablet or any other device that can be plugged in via an auxiliary cord. Please make sure the music is NOT streaming from the internet on your device- must be downloaded.

You want to shine at your audition. You should have a verse and chorus prepared, so please start off with your strongest. Remember that you can choose any part of the song to perform, so pick the part that best shows off your vocals.

There are NO microphones in the audition rooms- the producers are only a few feet away from you. Even the Rolling Stones start a concert with a well-known hit and not their new material. Please have a cover song prepared as well if you choose to sing an original. We ask that you bring a backing track, but may not be able to use it, depending on crowds. You should be prepared to sing a capella as well.

Please make sure you make your performance your own. Otherwise try to pick something popular, but maybe a little more unique while still fitting your style. We want you to stand out. Maybe it's your unique take on a well-known song. For example, a male auditioning by singing a song typically done by a female singer. It is always a good idea to have more than one song prepared, especially a few different genres or styles. Each audition is only 90 seconds, but the Producer can stop you at anytime. But if a Producer asks to hear another song, it is good to be prepared.

Simon Cowell, judge and creator of America's Got Talent, has the following advice for acts auditioning:

1) Be original.

2) Don't be boring.

3) Stand out from the crowd.

4) Be fearless.

Here is some more advice: Dress to impress. Come with the outfit you want to wear on TV. It doesn't hurt to wear something you're comfortable in but will also let you stand out in the crowd. PLEASE REFER TO OUR EXTENSIVE FAQ FOR MORE TIPS AND INFORMATION.